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A brand new idea to enjoy every day with Grape Tree and the revitalizing properties of its fruits.
KIANTY EXPERIENCE innovative range of products have a mix of grape seed polyphenols and vitamin E. Both ingredients act synergistically, fighting against cell membrane destruction and against free radicals.
The polyphenols enhance cell turnover, and protect the structure of skin proteins.Vitamin E is also an antioxidant, and protects enzymes of the skin.
The polyphenols increase blood vessels resistance, and adjust elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid activities by stimulating fibroblast action.
The skin recovers its optimum activity, and reveals clear, moisturized, firm and elastic.

Ingredient and Function :

  • Vine - Grape is one of the oldest plants cultivated. Its incredible properties were discovered in the ancient times: its leaves were used for its astringent and haemostatic properties, and its fruits for its tonic, refreshing and diuretic activity.
  • Polyphenols - Polyphenols are the most powerful antioxidant found in nature, and they are more concentrated in the seed of grape. Polyphenols inhibit free radicals activity, enhance other antioxidants activities and protect collagen and elastin fibers.

Recommended For :
Dull, dry and mature skin.

Kianty Viniferin EL Cream KiantyViniferin Eyes & Lips Cream
Formulated with Viniderm®. It contains Viniferin obtained by enzymatic reactions from the grape juice, rich in polyphenols and resveratrol. It also has a great variety of anti-oxidant polyphenols that permit an anti-ageing action over the epidermis. It also reduces the rings and bags under the eyes, due to the circulatory activation of the eye contour.

Content :  15ml

kianty fresh foaming cleanser 74x150 KiantyFresh Foaming Cleanser
Instant foam of great softness that is removed easily with water. Indicated for the cleansing of any skin type, even sensitive.
Content : 150ml

kianty grape juice lotion 55x150 KiantyGrape Juice Lotion
Toning lotion with grape extract and anti-ageing action. It is the ideal complement to use with the fresh foaming cleanser.
Content : 200ml

kianty gentle exfloting gel 117x150 KiantyGentle Exfoliating Gel
Gentle exfoliating gel with a seed extract from the grape. Eliminates dead cells, favours cellular renovation and gives luminosity to the skin. It has grape polyphenols with anti-oxidant properties.
Content : 50ml

kianty mosto 80x150 KiantyEssence Fluid Care
Day fluid cream enriched with polyhenols and oligo-elements ( zinc, magnesium and manganese ).  Its active ingredients moistures and relax the skin and at the same time, stimulate the cellular metabolism. Its have strong anti-free radicals and protect collagen and elastine fibres. Its also have UVB filter to protect the ultraviolet radiation’s that cause the apparition of stains and premature ageing.
Content : 50ml

kianty pate 150x91 KiantyActive Anti-Ageing Care
Anti-wrinkle cream that combines the action of the Alfa-Hydroxyacids ( Lactic and Glycolic ), Vitamin E and the polyphenols, strong anti-free radicals, together with a sun protection filter. This cream has a soft and emollient texture, eliminates dead cells and stimulate cellular renovation, clears and unify the tone of the skin, moisture and eliminates the small wrinkles, delaying the apparition of new ones. Provides elasticity, firming and softness to the skin, giving a young and radiant to the skin. 
Content : 50ml

kianty serum vite 48x150 KiantySerum Vite
Active Anti-Aging Serum with Polifenotoxyl
Highly concentrated in anti-ageing active ingredients Essence that works synergic ally targeting wrinkles and expression lines. It can be used alone for specific action, or in a layering system before Vita-Vite for an intensive and ideal result.
Content :  50ml

kianty eye lift ox 53x150 KiantyEye Lift-OX
A completely new formula for the eye contour, with active ingredients to treat the special needs of this area. Eye Lift-OX is a global treatment for the eye contour with the most efficient ingredients and the latest technology to improve and prevent the skin condition in such a venerable area.
Reduction of 60% of dark circles. Expression wrinkles and fine lines diminish. More even and moisturized skin. Your eyes look clear and alive.
Content : 15ml

kianty vita vite 150x132 KiantyVita – Vite
Ultra Rich Anti-Age Cream
Daily use wrinkle-relaxing cream addressed to those skins wishing a complete anti-ageing treatment. Its composition, very rich in active ingredients, is a maximum potential anti-wrinkle formula with a strong anti-wrinkle, firming and revitalizing activity.
Content : 50ml