BODY CARE Hand and Foot Silky Ritual

A delicate ritual for hands and feet that will wrap you up in a silky experience, giving you back moisturization and smoothness.

♦ Hand & Foot Paraffin Mask – A new mask specially formulated for hand and foot care. Its formula, rich in emollients, avoids trans-epidermal water loss, favoring deep moisturization, since the hands and feet are the parts of the body with the highest number of skin layers. The result is nourished and soft hands and feet, especially for cases where the skin is dry or rough and is ideal for cracked heels.

♦ Hand & Foot Silky Touch – A hand cream of silky texture which is quickly absorbed Without leaving any greasy residue. It contain Hydrolysed collagen is a natural protein of the skin and is the most relevant part of the conjunctive tissue of the dermis. On being hydrolysed, it favours cutaneous absorption, favouring water retention decreasing the flaccidity of the skin, as well as improving elasticity.

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