Our product brand is Bruno Vassari Professional Skin Care was established since 1984 in Barcelona, Spain. During 1999 was appointed as a royal family professional skin care products, 2006 was awarded as a best skin care products of the year at Hong Kong.

Bruno Vassari‘s work philosophy is based on offering the professional market (beauty saloons, spas, gyms,…) a perfect blend of high quality products and a direct and personalized service, which implies not only a regular and just-in-time supply, but also continuous training and constant launching of new products especially designed to respond to market demand.

They bet on keeping a program of constant research and development of new products which has placed the company in the vanguard of the sector, both in Spain and in the rest of the world. In this sense, the main objective is that the products from Bruno Vassari keep expanding into the international market based on their quality, the service offered by the company and their highly competitive prices.

Bruno Vassari products are available in more than 70,000 beauty salons over the world and more than 200 beauty salons are using Bruno Vassari products in whole Malaysia.