energising treatment Energising Treatment

An effective volcanic soil treatment to stimulate blood flow, skin regeneration, lymphatic drainage, improves muscle and skin tone.  An extremely enjoyable and  relaxing treatment that provides energy, vitality, firm and re-shape the face contour with a high content in :

  • Calcium – Helps the skin to retain moisture.
  • Cobalt – To eliminate  the dead skin cells.
  • Copper – Whitening and balance skin tone.
  • Iron – Carry oxygen to all parts of the body and immune system booster.
  • Iodine – Destroy toxin, strengthen tissues.
  • Magnesium – Moisture and whitening.
  • Nickel – Heating effect and improve the blood circulation.
  • Sulfur – Antifungal  and antibacterial activity.
  • Zinc – Reflex of UV, moisture, antiseptic, cell growth.